Seeded wholemeal loaf

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A nice easy seeded wholemeal loaf using packet yeast. Specially requested by one of our little girls!
Seeded wholemeal loaf

300g Wholemeal spelt flour
300g Bread flour
100g Mixed seeds (I used pine nuts, sesame seeds and poppy seeds)
390g Water
1tsp Fine salt
1tsp Fast-action yeast

Mix the flours, seeds, salt and yeast in a bowl.

Add the water. Mix together thoroughly and knead gently by stretching and folding the dough until it forms a smooth firm ball (about 5 minutes)

Cover with cling film and leave to rise for an hour at room temperature.

Form the dough by folding it in on itself into a round boule (pictured) or loaf shape.

Leave to rise again for another hour.

Bake at 180°C for 50 minutes. Leave to cool before eating.